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May Brian - On My Way Up lyrics

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On My Way Up by May Brian

(Brian May)
I´m on my way up (ooh!)
Can´t put me down (ooh!)
Business is tough (ooh!)
I ain´t gonna get pushed around
I´m on my way (ooh!)
Gonna take this town (ooh!)
It´s gonna be mine all mine
It´s my time - and -
I´m on my way (on my way up)
Straight to the top (I´m telling myself)
I´m telling myself (I´m totally sussed)
I´m puttin´my name around (on my way up)
Ooh hoo - (on my way up)
Gotta get rhythm
I got positivism to give ´em
I´m on my way through
Where I´m going to
You wouldn´t believe
But I´ll make it - I´m tellin´ you
I´m on a-roll
Gonna have it all
It´s gonna be fine so fine
Baby all of the time
I´m in control
I´m mighty bold
I´m lookin´ good
I´m quittin´ the neighbourhood
On my way up
Gotta get right with ´em
Got all of my life left for livin´
Nobody gonna tell me no
Nobody gonna stop me so
Everybody gonna see me grow
Nobody gonna hold me down
Gotta get to a better place
Gotta wake up - see your face
Gotta hold on - move on
Go through that wall
It´s my life or it´s nothin´
Our life or it´s nothin´ at all
I´m on my way up...
I´m on my way
Yeah - gonna get it right
I´m telling myself
Gonna make it this time around
On my way up
Gonna get that rhythm baby
Gonna start that livin´ babe
Got all my sights set on heaven...

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