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Master P - Oh na nae lyrics

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Oh na nae by Master P

Chorus: Master P + Magic (repeat 4X)
Nobody moves, nobody get hurt {What?}
Don't make me put yo' face on a t-shirt with some dirt
{Motherf**ker it's on!}
[Master P]
I retired from the game til you niggaz got me f**ked up
I'm back for 2000 to get y'all b**ches and y'all niggaz bucked up
The media started hatin cause I made my money on the corner
I'm like the Energizer Bunny, on some weed and Corona
Now y'all don't wanna f**k wit me
I got some killers that'll bust wit me
and I represent that C-P-3
til I'm motherf**kin six feet deep!!!
Nigga I'ma ball til I fall, no fakin it's all real
How many niggaz can roll through the project, that made $56 mill?
We all tatted, all gatted, we hustlers, y'all addicts
Now who the f**k want static? I got the automatics
Chorus 1/2
Motherf**ker we back
To all the hater niggaz thought No Limit was fallin off
I'm here to set the record straight
On all you b**ches speakin behind the microphone
One more word and I'ma follow you home
Empty my chrome, up in your dome
It's the Y-2-K motherf**ker WE CAME TO CRUSH BONES!
Eternal sleep to all you niggaz talkin beef
I cut you up and eat you I'm a, wild f**kin beast
I'm like a f**kin bomb and P's the designator
Go 'head and push the button, LET ME GET RID OF ALL THE HATERS!
.. Nann nigga here can fade us, so BOW MOTHERf**kER
Chorus 1/2
We put the choppers up, my nigga done put the legs down
Niggaz think we playin at first, but sh*t done got serious now
We make nightmares come true, when we come through
Nigga you don't wanna f**k with us
that there they see what a nigga did done you, run who
and I don't believe in that ten years down the line sh*t
Revenge so when you come through? Bury your lil' son too
sh*t is real now
We walk away, f**k nah I was taught to spray
If the drama too big for what I got on my hip
P and Magic brought the 'K
Niggaz done f**ked up the game
That's why they got stuck for they chain
Niggaz ain't real killers, niggaz ? looked up in vain
See I ain't no killer, but if come down to it I'll bust yo' brains in
I don't give a f**k who around me, never touch my No Limit chain again

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