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Marque - Never Say Goodbye lyrics

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Never Say Goodbye by Marque

Verse 1
Well it seems like only yesterday,
When we first started making our way,
I knew it was a start to something makin'up some magic moments.
I knew I had a friend that would be down 'til the end,
Stick around through the thick and the thin,
And know it is the time we depart... in our lives,
As bright as the stars in the sky.
And we'll be movin'(on and on)
But we'll never say good-bye(Never say good-bye),
This maybe farewell my friend
But we'll never say good-bye
Verse 2:
I wanna make a vow to you, 'cause I'm feeling full inside,
This will not be the end my friend this is only farewell not good-bye.
And we'll be movin' on and on
But we'll never say good-bye,
This maybe farewell my friend,
But we'll never say good-bye,
Bridge: Never(Never),said Never (Never),
Said Never Never Never Never will we say good-bye
Whoh----hoh hoh hoh hoh yeah

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