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Marleys Ghost - One More Shot lyrics

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One More Shot by Marleys Ghost

For too long now I've been at this game,
Ridin' like hell through the wind and rain
Robbin' bankers and Pullman cars.
My lungs are choked with the dust of the road.
Since Frank's been gone it's a heavy load
And my bones are broke and my body is scarred.
One more shot just for old times,
One last stand.
One more hit ought to do it
Then we'll quit while we can.
I'm gonna buy me a little farm,
Get my wife and children out of harm and danger,
Then I'm settling down.
This life I lead leaves me on my own,
Haven't seen a friend for so damn long.
Just a-layin' low, it's got me restless again.
Who's that knockin' at my back door?
Well it looks like Bob and Charlie Ford,
"How ya doin', boys? Won't you come on in!
Hell, I ain't even wearin' a gun,
Haven't done that for so damn long.
It feels good, boys, just to have you around."

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