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Marcus Orelias - Roaring 20s lyrics

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Roaring 20s by Marcus Orelias

[Intro - Louis Farrakhan:]
"Heaven and hell are just two conditions of life
And they're right here on this Earth" (tell me why)
[Hook - B.A.C.A:]
Roaring 20s
Selling souls, just to make that money
The same level as the Devil staking plenty 100's
Plenty 100's [x2]
(I've been blessed with this curse)
Stacking plenty 100's [repeat]
[Verse 1 - B.A.C.A.:]
Tell me why you hate it? I'm out here tryna make it
Why you out here tryna fake it?
I'm out in Vegas getting paid quick
With ya girl legs split. Yea this some Bay sh*t
Where I was raised kid. Everybody know the struggle
They all got they own hustle
When I'm in trouble, spend my last
And watch that cash gone double, I bubble like a crackpot
The money cool but the trap hot, yea I'm in a bad spot
Tryna be legit but if I quit then the cash drop
And that's my last option
Got em begging like some fiends when my track dropping
Now you tell me who hot when, I bag it up and you backing up
You acting up and not stacking up
Wanna be me but can't see me
You know I'm bout that action cause
Got em hating, even though it's been a while
You b**ches stay in line waiting, single file
[Verse 2 - Marcus Orelias:]
Eliminating competition, when I illuminate lines
Staying grounded like a ball hit on foul lines
sh*t foul lines; get a whiff, me and B.A.C.A; on the strip
Honey strips on the strip. She told me
It's her way to get through college
And the fastest way to a man's heart
Is through his wallet. I said living life, cabalist
When you stuck ballin', is the price you pay
While money come usain; you insane
Thinking we'll never touch, top five
Been down all my life, contemplating on a rise
You see, it's insanity when
They say truth will set you free
But it's the same thing hurting me
So honestly, I don't see what the holla is
I got a need to rest, where the dollar is
Rapping bout the hood, in the hills is blasphemy
Rapping from the hills, to the hood is luxury
I know that's where I wanna be
She's said ok, we do the same thing
Same boss, different dreams
It's no secret; don't make a scene
Because I'm only in my 20s
[Verse 3 - Marcus Orelias:]
Still tippin, big pimpin, trippin, on sites near you
Steering from tunnel vision
I don't know what you've been through
Playing this game, I won't save you
What I say, I hope stick like glue
A little bit, she quote Ray. I make it do what it do, I do
I'm a do it for you. You do you; promise me
You'll come through with that good
Never selling out just to be in
From HP was a drive, gotta have drive to get it in
Once you surpass shades and egos
Sleeping with enemies, don't expect nightcaps
I write my name in all caps, looking me in my eyes
She said, you're pretty bold, nothing to hide
I'm underscore; you'll live italicized
My oath is sworn, condemned to defeat
That's below for meet and greets
I said people see no one just succeeds
I'm putting the 'K' to it, killing dreams
Reaching across the globe is my goal
Hold me saint or hold me close
Shook her hand, tipped her some mo and said
If I blow just know I never sold my soul
Cause I'm just...

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