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Marco Restrepo - Lazy In Love lyrics

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Lazy In Love by Marco Restrepo

You think that I'm so crazy
When I, say let's get married
Get hitched, and have some babies
I think I'm in love
They try, to bring me down oh
When I say, that I have found the one
I know, that they just doubt
Cause they don't know ??bout us
But when you, take their side
I can't find the reason why
We won't try, you imply
I'm out my mind (Cause)
You think I'm crazy, but I'm not crazy
I'm just mad for you
You think I'm lazy, but I'm not lazy
It's just too hard to move right now
I don't know why I can't get up
I just know that I had it rough
My hands tied and my heart is stuck
And I can't not think of you
I don't know where my head has gone
I just know what you said is wrong
I won't stop ??til our weddings on
And until then I'll be blue
I know, it may sound mad you're
Away long, and I get sad I
Stay strong, and don my mask
But inside I need glue
Please try, to give me reasons
To not die, without you seasons
Go by, I can't tell even
If the flowers bloom
But when you, say I'm high
I can't see the reason why
We won't try, you imply
I'll be fine (without you) cause

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