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Mansun - What it's like to be hated lyrics

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What it's like to be hated by Mansun

I had to sing this for me
Watch myself pilloried
Ugly, scruffy, no one
But then I guess that you knew
Nasty, bitter, enraged
A nice polite English way
Full circle, desensitised
I'm right back where I began
Hated, broken
The dead flowers reject
Sad glucoma in mist
Injustice wells up in me
We are sh*t and refuse
Hated, broken
It's what it's like to be hated
I am afflicted and ill
It's what it's like to be hated
I wrote this song for myself
We are sh*t and refuse to wallow in rejection
My will is shattered again
My leeches, parasite friends
No man's an island they said
I breathe my solitary air
Explain myself to noone
Beautiful sad solitude
Hated, broken
Learn to ignore all the slurs
You can get used to all things
Hated, broken
p**s in the face of the sick
Unjust vendetta's uncool
Unjust, unwanted, reject
Uninformed, understood
A silence, broken my will
Afflicted, shattered and sick
Popularity stakes
Overrated you said
Isolation can feel like a Utopian state
To be this liked is to be suffocated you said
Beauty, sadness, enraged of solitude can be bare
Disturbed, unwanted at birth
The f**king joke that we are
I've never had any friends
Could be a sweet suicide
A f**king homo in flesh
To weak to protest

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