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Major Capture - Betrayed lyrics

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Betrayed by Major Capture

-intro riff-
-verse 1-
You told me that we will meet!
You lied so much, I feel so weak.
Promised me things so sweet,
Made me feel like a trash, that's so sick!
-verse 2-
I almost liked you, until you betrayed me.
Can't stand this shit, I hope you died!
I think that you should wake up and see,
What it is to be me, after so much you lied!
-verse 3-
Your pretty words... Nothing but a piece of shit!
You're so sick, how can someone be so wicked?
Maybe it's better for you if I get hit,
By truck or train, to me it's all the same.
Betrayed! That's what I am.
Unborned! That's what you should be!
Betrayed! For no reason at all!
So wake up and see...
What it is to be me!
-guitar solo-
-intro riff-
-fade out-

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