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Magnificent - I Don't Understand lyrics

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I Don't Understand by Magnificent

Yeah Magno ya heard, shouts out to UK mayn
From my understanding is a hot song out there
But hey I'm from Texas, you know I gotta jack the beat
Huh, but I don't know what's going on with this underground man
I been in it for three years, and I done been through a lot of changes man
A lot of thangs change, peep game yeah
The game ain't the same, it use to be a lot of fun
But sh*t's changed, now it's all about the funds
These niggaz, ain't got love for the art
Right now I feel like Noah, and his love for the Ark
I'm just above in the dark, chilling
Surrounded by the drugs and the narks, willing
To help out my thugs at the park, it's love from the start
Cause really that means more, than putting doves on my park
Avenue, attitude is prone to the cr*p
Life's a dice game, I seem to shake the bones and I cr*p
Niggaz know they wrong for they raps, careers bout to end
I had bus transfers, last longer than that
But seriously, the boy's dropping great tapes
Pain on the 8-8, wetter than the Great Lakes
Hopping out clean, New Print in great lace
This year, me and Deetha the new Slim and Rayface watch us
I don't understand man, yeah
One more time, say
I don't know what's going on, the underground has a different look
The crack's still getting shook, but it's a different cook
And guess who's left in the kitchen, look
I'm still spitting hooks, doing shows getting book
At any time, my life coulda turned fatal
And all I wanted to do, was put food behind my navel
Y'all was eating at the table, me
Just surviving off the scr*ps, and the crumbs you dropping
Almost thought I had to run for Cochran, just to get past it
But evidently, somebody had some compassion
Initially, my attitude was gratitude
But I could feel it in my teeth, it was really bitter sweet
I can't seem, to get a beat
That'll compliment me on my life, and the way I feel
But hey, I guess that's just the weight of the deal
Thank you, for the opportunity given
Part reason, this season I got communities tripping
Yeah, despite all the bullsh*t
Still appreciate y'all for the chance y'all gave me, ya know

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