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Madd Maxxx - My Saving Grace lyrics

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My Saving Grace by Madd Maxxx

"You know, I've met a lot of people in the short time that I've been alive. And it feels like everybody's worrying about all this insignificant bullshit. Worried about what clothes they wear, what CD they're listenin to, or how much money they have or what car they drive or what neighborhood they live in. But none of that means anything. When it comes down to it, it's all about what you have in your head, and what you have in your heart. Fuck normality. Fuck societal acceptance. Fuck all of that. Because it only means as much as you let it mean. I know I'm not the smartest, I know I'm not the coolest, and I KNOW I'm not the best looking. But it doesn't matter to me. Cause I know that if I'm doin the best I can with what I have, then I'm good. If you do that, then it doesn't matter if your clothes are the freshest or if your wallet is the fattest or if your house is the biggest. People are always gonna have something to say about you, but you can't let that stifle you, because although they may hurt, they're only words. People can call you whatever they want to call you. But as long as you know you're doing your best, you should be fine.
Keep that in mind."
How much of a path must a man walk down
Before they can call him a man?
Is it years is it distances maybe experiences?
I really don't know but I'll tell you what I can.
I'm still pretty young just barely 19
Yet I've been so many places the things I've seen
Make me feel like a lifetime is longer than it seems
Life is only short if you want it to be
If I died right now, I'd have zero regrets
Because I took what I was given and I tried my best
People forget what's important and it turns into depression
Tailspin towards the ground cause of simple misdirection
Here's a lesson you should learn: no one really knows
What they want from life, whatever path you chose
It was yours to decide so enjoy the ride
And if you mess somethin up, just give it another try
Never let somebody tell you that you were wrong
They only mad cause they still don't really know what's goin on
Just do what you do, fuck being accepted
This is your life to live never let nothing affect it
This is my saving grace this is my final word
Though it may seem absurd this is what I've learned
Where do I go from here I don't really know
But I'll never stop moving and that's fasho
I don't have all of the answers I won't pretend
But if you feel the way I feel I would strongly recommend
That you stop worryin about the trivial stuff
Being yourself is more than enough
Even though I gotta say I've had a real nice life
There's been a lot of times shit just really ain't go right
I was an outcast up until I graduated highschool
I guess I still am but that's totally cool
See I used to let the kids get to me with they words
It really hurt when they would call me a weirdo or nerd
So many nights with a knife to my jugular vein
I really thought that I was going insane but things changed
Took a lot of years now I finally made it
Now I could give a fuck less if I'm greatly hated
I ain't doin anything for anybody but me
This is my life you could suck a dick if you disagree
When I say that what do I mean? Fuck normalcy!
If you like then do it, fuck MTV!
Trynna tell me what I need to do to be cool
I can choose for myself man I ain't no fool
Who are you to be saying that I should change?
So what if I'm strange?
Ain't nobody say you gotta live this way
Just leave it to me and let me be what I can be
It'll be more than you expect and I'll bet you just wait
If God really exists then I wonder if he can hear this
Just one more voice in the cacophonous mist
If I died today would I be missed?
Or just another name added on the obituary list?
Did I die too soon or was it just the right time?
Did I see what I had to or was I blind?
Will I make it into heaven? Or should I even care?
Cause I'm never gonna know unless I end up there
Wherever I may go whatever I may do
Imma make the best of it and continue through
No person on the planet could corrupt my journey
Only death could ever possibly disrupt my learning
There's a whole lot of things that I still don't know
There's only one way to find out, come on, let's go
Fuck waitin for a chance imma make my own
And even though I gotta travel this path alone
Imma never stop walking even though I'm afraid
And I remember every face that I meet on the way
And when I finally die imma say life was great
Cause I lived how I wanted I promise that's all it takes
"This song is dedicated to Spencer Meyer, another life taken too soon."

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