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Machine Gun Fellatio - Horny Blonde Forty lyrics

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Horny Blonde Forty by Machine Gun Fellatio

Horny blonde forty shaved sexy
Wants to do it all day
Wiv a gun-totin' trigger-happy tranny
Named Kikky Renae
She digs pop masturbation music
Windsurf p**s in yr ear
Seekin' genuine Gemini circumcised
Kind & sincere
Retired teacher 58 seeks regular meetings
For masculine muscular nappy-clad
Brutal breeding
My wife rough wrestles with a puppy
All a-quiver in a
Wine-soaked strobe-lit
Asiatic hall of mirrors... for you
Turn around... I bin czyaxin' on yr sjchoo (?)
I am pod-God born in mono
I'm a scorpion of cool
I love you
Do you know how to love me?
I am pod-God born in mono
I'm a dirty magazine
Hunky funky skunk-f**ker
Pay me suck his finger on screen
Got the video set up
And felafel soaked in kerosene
There's a Corgi playin hooky
With a Wolf-cross-Kelpie
While yr front bum low hums
Shufflin like a mother to me... from you
Lyrics that never quite made it into this song:
Milky white sticky somethin'
Leakin from the broken seal
Onto fine shiny implements of pleasure
Made from genuine steel
Put the beaver to the metal
Nail the duck to the wall & see
Turn the voltage applicator on full
For the changes in me
Couples Club is packin'
With the house addition escapees
And I just shuffle like a mother
To the pecs from Ipanema
My dog likes the heir apparent x 3

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