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Machinae Supremacy - Rocket Dragon lyrics

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Rocket Dragon by Machinae Supremacy

I wield the true all-seeing eye
My vision digitized and bright despite the veil of night
Those really people on my screen?
They run around in panic in between places to hide,
As I tear up the street outside
Run, run away or remain with the ones
With nowhere to go as The Sky falls to Earth
Stay down if once you have fallen
It's all coming down
The world ends and fades out
Stay down if once you have fallen to the ground
Can you hear the sound of a demon in search of it's prey?
I long to give them all a taste,
A sudden breath of hellfire raised to send them all away
A few more souls to make my day
As I burn down and murder I know that God forgives
'Spite all the things I've done,
My soul yet forever lives
All those caught in the shadow of my wings have cause to fear
I swear on all I've done
No evil shall linger here

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