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Mac Dre - Intro lyrics

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Intro by Mac Dre

I puff much dope
1/3'd cutthoat
I'm 2/3 Cutthoat
Hit'cha fo' splittin dope
[Mac Dre]
And Yee!
Its me!
M! D!
Cutthoat 3!
And please believe
PS call a broad a B
Like what the Fezzel?
[Mac Dre]
Fo' Shezzel'
Ya seezel
Mezzel you
On my next tell
Callin me poppy
A suckkal can't stop me
I put holes in his body
[Mac Dre]
Don't know karate
But my Kemo soby dick do
Cash issues wit the all
You can kick you
Switch'cha like a swisha
b**ch you get the picture
Twist ya front to back
Like a backwood
[Mac Dre]
I stack good
Mac good
Send'em to the track good
Liquid ass the hole hood
Come wit gats its all good
Bags of joog
Turf niggas halla in dollas
Cutthoat calla poppas
We all in ya noggin
[Mac Dre]
I'm the rapper gone bad
Mr.stuppid doo doo dumb
I rap it in pro-plastic
She can't feel the cum
Mr. Menage ttwwwaa
Hoes butt naked in my ccaaarr
I'm Mr. Indo smokein money
Do my thang still go nutty
I rriiidddee though the town
Still hoggin buddy
Its like general (?) mach ya
Ya boy got
[Mac Dre]
We bite down
Toilet take a chump
Like Gadeaz

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