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Luxt - Pain lyrics

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Pain by Luxt

You'll never make me feel it, although you probably could.
I won't accept this failure even though you say I should.
I'll grit my teeth and bear this raping of my common sense,
And wait the morning that inevitably will rinse
Away the innocence now broken down between these lies,
That fire so rapidly and try to cleave my stiffened thighs.
But if I swallow, know I swallow blood here with your smiling
Scarred and greasy face amongst the rot and p**s and bile.
You suffering does no damage to me,
I'm a tool of your greed and your lies to succeed,
You've built this tiny little empire on the weakest
of foundations will your jealousy and guilt never tire?
This blood is boiling over, this heart so near to burst,
if it weren't for this hunger, I would have died of thirst.
This head is pounding louder, this will sees through your lies,
you're made of nothing in the end, you're all that I despise.
Surround yourself with doubt, put money in your veins
Immersed within your outs, you deserve your pain.
You deserve your pain.

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