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Lumidee - Lumideefeat Busta Rhymes & Fabolous-Never Leave Yo lyrics

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Lumideefeat Busta Rhymes & Fabolous-Never Leave Yo by Lumidee

uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh
[Busta Rhymes]
Here we go!
Flip Mode
Aye you know why she sayin uh oh right?
[Busta Rhymes]
Check it
try da hotter or my Copacabana, Mama
gotta lotta sh*t with you and I'm lovin ya persona Mama
Always love to get with you ever needa me mama holla
How you check me, you give me the oochie walla walla
Swallow a couple shots of yak and make a dolla bill
mama in the crib with a focus to be a scalla
Type an example of a shorty that might need to falla
Got a chick in the bug, it come with a little shoppahora
Take you to the Caribbean down the Carabanna
sail the Mediterranean and enjoy the water
When the road is rocky, you keepin' me stocky
Takin' care of niggas till i'm right
When you check on your Papi
When you're right baby, hug me with all your might
And put it on a nigga, cause you know that it's on tonight
Break up to make up, you know that we gonna fight
and if you rhyme them together
lets do this
Never ever wanna let you go
Tell me what you're feeling, cause I want to know
If you're around
you know I'm down
I'll be that girl keeps you around
I'm only here, just because
It feels good, saying us
keep you right
Believe in love
I never thought you'd be the one
make me shine brighter than the sun
There ain't no ups and downs
No when and nows
your here right now
If you want me to stay, I'll never leave
If you want me to stay, we'll always be
If you want me to stay, love endlessly
If you want me to stay, if you want me to stay
I'll never leave you
Uh oh, Uh oh, Uh oh, Uh oh
I ain't never gon' believe
you ever gonna leave
It feels so good on my arm
Somethin like the baseball jacket with a leather on the sleeve
Or a flooded time peice that cost several hundred g's
You lovin', hate the type that love everyone to recieves
Baby girl, go down like she never wanna breathe (uh oh)
I got a playa right, cause this kid don't usually let them stay tonight
And when I know you wrong, I say you right
And when I wanna say no, I say I might
this it is real talk, you know it ain't another
And anytime I'm gone, you know I'm thinkin of ya
And anytime you need, you know I got you covered
You know none of the others do what I does
I keep your rocks bluer than hers
Keep your shoes newer than hers
And I do it because, uh

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