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The Boy Is Here

by Luke Christopher


The Boy Is Here Song Lyrics

The Boy Is Here by Luke Christopher

Know that I do deep, yes I do dope
Yes, I do
My nigga Chris was wonderin' how it's gon' sound like when I flip the sample
Thought a nigga in there robbin' the set like a bobblehead

Yeah, comin' live from the San Fernando
The same young fly nigga, same old man, so
You know it's fire if yo boy put his hands on
But will neva give you sum' like a handout
f**k a play of words, can I talk for a sec?
I remember writin' this in the park on the bench
I missed the landlord for the rent
I sped it on the keyboard, money was bid
You hearin' these beats, boy, I know ya neck bend
Why ya lyin' to me? It's known you lyin', nigga
Tell me who be iller, who be flier than me nigga
When we hit the lady killa and the chocolate and vanilla
Don't tell me how to spit it, that's a hell of f**kin' ?
I know you love that, this skrilla money ain't a thing, f**k all that
Nigga broke, nowhere to go, don't even know, they neva know
If niggas scared to dream, what the dream for?
Rag niggas at the door, we don't need to know

(Know he did it!) Yes, I muthaf**kin' did
And Marcus bless the muthaf**kin' kid
Now we dangerous, and we came just for ya
And we don't let them lame niggas bore ya
I'm sorry that we late, we here now
(The boy's here now, the boy's here now)
(No fear now, the boy cheer and he go)

(Verse 2)
Comin' live from the 818, but used to reside in the 805
Like on the Port Side, and we decided to ride
Somebody said regard the house parties or live
We can dig a nigga, course I want some dollas for the things I do
But the real motivation for me is... you
For me is you, no time to intercept it, this sh*t is real
Last year we was strugglin', I swear we have more prolems now
And all this sh*t, we learned from it
Word to the clique, fame comin' quick
Won't take a drink, but I might take a sip
Because I see these niggas celebrating before they got a hit
All of a sudden they be broke and sh*t
You should hold yo bricks, homie
Cuz that's what my momma told me
Cuz it's time for matrimony
Married to this sh*t, homie

(The boy's here now, the boy's here now)
(No fear now, the boy cheer and he go)

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