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Luciferion - The Apostate lyrics

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The Apostate by Luciferion

[I: Under The Eyes of Serpents]
New try to catch full breath
While heart by stone encumbered
Existence's anguish burns
And vital force reduced to dust
Guilt implanted
Projected thoughts
But other than one's mind
They feed upon your weakness
They grow upon your troth
Those of pure overwill
Are always first to combat
Refined intention's spear
In dimness lurks that sleepless plague
Eyes of serpents
Intently fixed on genuine one's kind
They catalyse your fear
They aim straight in your soul
[II: Transcendental Fusion]
Into depths of cosmic sacred calm
I soar
Reaching for ethereal wisdom's glare
I share...
...Soul of the worlds
Knowledge to breathe
Voice of the stars
Essence supreme
Taste of the purest force
[III: Gods Bring You Away From Yourself]
Unless the day shall come again
When astral storm will clean the earth
The myth divine may worm upon your soul
True awakening'll bring you freedom!
No salvation from the skies
Purest nature is the holy
Gods bring you away from yourself
Religious madness tainting the world
Blinded await the messiah
Crawling in fear, praying for their sins
Whipped by the visions infernal
Resident terror dwells in disguise
Forming a proximate presence
Only The Ones are able to see
We are the voice that wake up your will
Gods bring you away from yourself
[IV: A Strain From Depths]
[V: The Force Dwells Within]
Strength, not weakness
A will, not fate
Pure and fearless
In depths you'll find yourself
[VI: And All The Waste Will Fade]
When sacred rage inside cannot be stemmed
And free, awakened mind regains it's flame
World shall see the ultimate blasphemy
And all the waste'll be damned together
When mental virus can't prosper
And dogma's toxins can't befoul your veins
World shall rise from religious heresy
And all the waste will fade

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