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Watching The Christians Burn Lyrics

by Lucifer


Watching The Christians Burn Song Lyrics

Watching The Christians Burn by Lucifer

death from the sky you won't survive
darken clouds fill your eyes
vaporize all mankind,burning thier flesh
burning alive,burning your flesh as you die
a funeral held for all mankind
all humanity will have learned
that jesus christ will never return

watching the christians burn
laughing watching them burn
watching the christians burn
laughing as i watch them burn

final judgment of christianity
leviathan rises from the rageing sea
day of judgment lucifer calling
the sea's are red from blood of the dead

bodies lie burned and decayed
no one left to cover the grave's
undead eat the chared dead flesh
nothing but the bones are left
river's flow with death
roting is the smell
burning of flesh for eternity

warhead's the last ones dead
the dog's of war,satan's little whrore's
day of judgment for christianity
levithan rise's from the raging sea

I lucifer,stole the earth
condem your soul's for all your worth

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