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Lesson To Be Taught

by Lord Finesse And DJ Mike Smooth


Lesson To Be Taught Song Text

Lesson To Be Taught by Lord Finesse And DJ Mike Smooth

featuring A.G.

[Lord Finesse]
Ladies and gentlemen we have Lord Finesse and Andre the Giant
here to get funky for you and yours tonight. So just about now
won't y'all brothers come to the stand and kick something funky

A man thought he could test me and possess a better skill
His man shook his head and his mother said "You'd better chill"
Not from the old school nor from the new one
Do-run-run, move son, I'm the smooth one
Fast or slow, you know I still use it
And with my skill I even rock off church music
Get personal, and you might have to nurse a few
Clap or hum and I'll still kick a verse or two
Front like you can, you know you can't mess with this
Light this, get with this, I'm the best at this
Step to this and get ate like a Starburst
Or played out like Lees and an old pair of Converse
This is a peep show, more like a creep show
Low blow to injure and it's more like a weak blow
Thought you could bumrush but you had to retreat though
(He's still saying "damn" to a rhyme you said a week ago)
I wax I'm bad, don't have to ask I'm glad
Girls give me more support than they get from a maxi pad
Play me, slay me, you got problems
You'll get hemmed up, just like bellbottoms
I kick a rhyme like a game of kick a can
Heads start flying just like Peter Pan
Skills undoubtful, rhymes unbeatable
Rough and tough, I'll handcuff and eat 'em too
Losses I take none, slaughter from day one
And when I'm through they'll be calling you Dre's son
Let's have a clean one, Dre's a mean one
Rhymes like Dillengers, mind like machine guns
Get rid of rappers, I do it the easy way
Flip MC's like the A.S.P.C.A.
Andre the Giant, here to get wicked
Lord Finesse (What's up?) Yo kick it

[Lord Finesse]
I create and make funky rhymes for a hype tape
Brothers try to get with Finesse but they lightweight
I preach and teach just like the man Farrakhan
Get so much run on the mic, call this a marathon
Motherf**kers who dare try to get with me
I light that ass up yo just like a Christmas tree
In a battle, you'd better pray for help
Straight up and down troop, don't even play yourself
Lord Finesse in effect with the fly sh*t
I'm 19, crazy nice, I'm only 5'6"
Make MC's lay low as soon as I say so
Many try to hang, but that's okay though
I'm the man that works hars for his cash flow
Short for my age but I'll still bust that ass though
MC's need to clean up they act with a handcloth
I get smooth like my man Luther Vandross
School any girl who dares try to step to me
I got porno stars wanting to take some lessons from me
It's like that y'all, and I rap more
I'm not the type of man to play the back door
I beat and spank and shank those who try and rank
On the mic I'm swift so give thanks
Or credit, I said it, don't forget it
I'm athletic, but don't sweat it
We can go toe to toe, you know if you're slow you blow
Rappers I slam, stomp, and overthrow
Cause I rip 'em, diss 'em, treat 'em like a victim
As soon as Mike say "Sick 'em"
I show and prove the groove that I represent
You think I'm good? I feel that I'm excellent
Yeah, you want to flow, I'm a show you how
Mike Smooth, keep it flowing now

"Yeah, keep it going now" -- Expertly cut and scratched til fade

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