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Look What I Did - Raining Pleasantries lyrics

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Raining Pleasantries by Look What I Did

watch your head
take cover
it's raining pleasantries
it'll mess up your hair
your cookout
your street fair
your girlfriend
or your phone calls just don't mean much to me
obsession with things
(your fashion, elections, your vision, and excrement)
and depth low rent frail insides
painted on dense reinforced skin protecting me
kant let
kant let go of me
kant let
kant let go of everybody
kant let
kant let's go for me
kant let
kant let's leave
your hobbies
your lifestyles
and bed room sets
don't mean much to me
unthinking allegiance to thieves
(your meth lab, your dildos, kabbalah, and yoga class)
and things
false cognates
language abuse innuendo
word --interrupt--
you messed up my hair
kant! you dreamt us
from each others minds
kat! if perception defines you just made that up and now the problem is mine
and now your dismal outlook we've shared
this song will show your tired point to be wrong and prove to all the world that i'm here
and you're there
and they're there
and we are bullshit
our pontiff the oil peaks
i read that today cold fusion hooray
if not something else

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