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Lonewolf - She Walks Alone lyrics

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She Walks Alone by Lonewolf

Can you see her,as she sits alone on that chair,
she’s the one, noone sees her,
she’s the one in the crowd.
Noone ever remembers,
what it means to love.
Noone ever remembers,
´cause noone ever spoke with her, and..
She walks alone,
but she can’t escape from her crying soul,
She cries alone,
and noone can ever dry her tears,
when she walks alone.
She has lived through all ages,
she has seen everything,
she can tell of all places,
where you never had been.
Where have all of the time been,
the time she lived,
why can’t you wonder anymore,
why have you lost your lust for life, while..
Refrain Solo
But be fast if you wanna ask her,
´cause she won’t last long,
she’s the one, noone can see her,
she’s the one in the crowd, ´cause..

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