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Loggy - New Kid lyrics

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New Kid by Loggy

Loggy Loggy Loggy in wonderland,
But don't don't don't misunderstand
I'm addicted to feelin' good and you should be too,
Cuz ever since my first year in Public U,
I tried to figure out why all my friends are so cool,
And why we got the chance to create our own crew.
My skate has 4 wheels, 2 trucks and a sun roof,
Song made strong one seventy one proof.
The New Kid, people say I never new shit,
But I stay brunette and they stay clueless.
Ran straight through this, new soul ruthless,
Big Red looped it I had to do this.
I'm the new kid hunny,
Take the love over the money,
It's the only reason why I'm still around.
And every time that you hear it,
Drink some wine and some spirits,
And remember that were high but don't look down.
My wallet doesn't say it,
But I just got the cable bill, and I don't wanna pay it.
Spend a couple bucks on some old school chucks,
And buy my friend a one on one pick me up.
Cuz I'd rather get my beats from a dope ass drummer,
And I'd rather hear some strings from a dope ass strummer.
But I don't need bling or a guzzle gas Hummer,
I'd rather hear the bell ring and go grab summer.
Yeah, we all know it the best,
Just a couple college kids from the wild wild west.
Rookies on the scene try to buck the mainstream,
And AP productions gunna do the same thing.
Lace 'em up, chase with what?
I can't drink it straight man that's crazy son.
Too hot to handle, too cold to hold,
I got peter pan flow it'll never get old.
I know a little place right down the road
That serves some bomb ass chicken and some sushi rolls.
Where my buddies and I can keep it very low key,
Sake bombs, a little karaoke.
Stereo chiefs, little cherries so sweet,
Drop it down now and it carries so deep.
Scary dope beat, and this just in,
New kid Loggy's back at it again.

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