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Lodger - Hirob's Words lyrics

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Hirob's Words by Lodger

So you want to come behind, discover Parlainth
Everyone who tried before went home disappointed
I know the only man who can clear the whole haze
He has died, but his soul lives in a hidden case
But beware if you decide to leave
Maybe instead you should stay
There is more to lose than to achieve
Don't throw your lives away
You will have to pass a deadly hell
The path is harmful and it is long
And the tower is being guarded well
By a dragon great and strong
Don't you already go! Keep on listen silently
Don't you brake the casket (if you find it anyway)!
There is only one way if this soul shall be free
An ancient ritual must be held solemnly
Now I see I can't hold you no more
Now you flee in the cold - take care

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