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Music Video


by Lisa Lopes


Untouchable Song Lyrics

Untouchable by Lisa Lopes

Untouchable look how you found me
i'm lookin around sayin these are my friends
it's a strange world my enemies are my friends
more of the same street, same world, same problems
is this indifferent?
the only difference is me
i see inside the truth
feel bad you don't know the day gon come
when God has taken you
i see invisible spirits walkin along the physical mind
of a crazy individual
where demons still find it livable
i need a hug to hold my soul inside my body
i got the secret here
yeah i should have told somebody
cuz ever since i've been sayin things i never meant
it's like i was speakin in tongues the black breath in my lungs
i won't allow it
where the cowards live in the dirt of the flowers
ready to come up in the darkest hour
it ain't the courage of my personal
you wanna admire it's the faith
cuz with the faith i can walk through the fire
(now feel me)

I know you feel me it's the untouchable
make yourself unpresentable
i'm listenin to mysteries of the untold (uh-oh)
echoin inside my soul
i know you feel me it's the untouchable
make yourself presentable
i'm listenin to mystereis of the untold (uh-oh)
echoin inside my soul

Sometimes i'm feelin like i'm sinkin
thinkin what it's like from on the other side
whe i look at myself it's like my love had died
people thinkin of gettin richer
i'm usin the blood of the loves that i lost recently
to paint a perfect picture
can you see the future future endeavors
that'll make us better
usin the ligt from my wings to make us fly together
guide my people to a place like you imagined
my duty now is to God
there's no more beauty pagents we gettin the chance to thank Him
me and you finally for what they made
is it a game that they still playin?
look at us now we're rid of grief
payin society debt but life we still obeyin
until then i'll follow the path
where will it lead?
much in between ashes and dust
we must believe trickin thee ain't trickin me
i got tricks up my sleeve
they tryin to market i'm tryin to amke my mark before i leave


I know you feel me it's the untouchable
make yourself presentable, make yourself presentable
i will ride untouchable
after the fire comes the rain
after the pleasure there's pain
even though we broke for the minute
we ball in the game
time to make ya'll my military
be prepared for the busters
imma let ya b**ches that's scary
get to hear me no questions
visions of overpacked prisons
flingin's and niggas thug livin precious
three strikes i hope they don't test us
and pull a heater ammunition is great
move without a sound
and we slide down pistols in place
i'm sensin niggas just defenses
from hittin b**ches to gettin those
who can preven the shootin senses
at these niggas throats only wish to breed
i explode into a million seeds ya'll rememeber me
legendary live eternally then bury me in pieces
cuz they fear reincarnation niggas screamin peace
cuz they fear
we must wanna face em take em to places
fake their fates then erase em and brake em
murder my niggas i'm tired of waitin
now quicken the pace
blast me but never ask me to live a lie
am i wrong cuz i wanna get it on til i die
now worldwide
niggas got the black girls they hide
no offense to Nas
but this whole f**kin world is mine
even if you blind
you can still see my prophecy
my destiney to overthrow
those on top feinin for currency
the money be callin
can you feel me dreamin?
seein scenes of me ballin?
niggas that made niggas and that b**ch
what you goin through
outlaws bustin while we rush it
niggas that play f**ked up now what you goin through
we outlaws rushin em bustin
we untouchable, untouchable, untouchable (uh-oh)

Echoin inside my soul, untouchable (uh-oh)
echoin inside my soul, untouchable (uh-oh)
echoin inside my soul, untouchable (uh-oh)
echoin inside my soul, untouchabel (uh-oh)

Echoin inside my soul
ya'll niggas never stop,you never drop, you never let me fall
me 2 Pacalypse
all i know how to do is ball, ball, ball
my true f**kin niggas survived incarnation
after i'm dead they'll rock and roll
and bring funk to the whole nation
and you know these f**kin niggas
have a gun with my name on it, untouchable
i spit the game so clear it's playin on it
when i'm dead
my niggas will ride for me
untouchable (untouchable)
untouchable (untouchable)
untouchable (untouchable)
expect me like you expect Jesus to come back
expect me nigga i'm comin

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