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Lisa Lopes - I believe in me lyrics

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I believe in me by Lisa Lopes

This jame is dedicated to me
that's right you guys it's just for...
Me i believe in me
cuz i take care of me
it took so long to see
all i really need is me
faith and family
has finally made me see
no matter what i face
all i need is me
Everybody says they no me better than i know myself
but i don't know nobody else has felt what i have felt
did what i did or been where i been
but i have to defend myself again and again
let it end where it begins
who cares what the cause is
to many bosses cause divorces
and i don't take losses
well i play with a team
but i'm a Diana Ross not a Supreme
you think you got me all figured out
ohh so i'm so shallow
the only thing i'm tryin to get is a bigger house
no part of my need is a company
where i can hire my own people
to live out there dreams
so tell me
what's happenin to all of ya'll people with low self-esteem
what you want me to cry on your shoulder
so you can turn around and laugh and talk about it when it's over
I done sold 30 mill, dated, then made you want it
when it got to convenient i just gave it up
i don't need the stress
i don't need the pain
i do need the checks
but don't need the games
ohh my how could him and I be the same
when the house burnt down
only i made the blame
when the money got funny i took it to court
when most of ya'll scrubs
wouldn't have even fought it
when the group had issues i laid in thought
corrected the bad news i heard the interviews
how amny of you really know Lisa? not many
it's not contrary, it's fear i don't know you either
it's responsible for more than you'll ever know or see
so many things you don't know happened because of me
from Blaque to the designs of the stage that was me
so how could any of ya'll be mad at me?
Everybody says all they want is the truth
well the truth is i still got love my group
but you really don't want the truth when it's concernin you
you want to hear that no one's doin better than you
you love to hear the pain
you love to hear the struggle
you love to know that paradise
has got trouble
the only trouble we ever had
is you bein involved
you gettin involved where you don't belong
when my faith started to waver it was like i was done
i felt like Brian McKnight I was "Back At One"
the only one that was
the only one that ever
the only one i need
the one and only me
because if i hadn't told you it was on different planes
you would think that i meant our flights ain't the same
my only crime was i was so blind
didn't know that i had everything i wanted all the time
[Chorus 3x]

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