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Lil Tracy - Shortbus Cypher lyrics

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Shortbus Cypher by Lil Tracy

[Intro: Yung Bruh]
Asaku Fox man, shout out Yung Sak
You know I’m reppin’ that Star Trek sh*t
You know what I mean, I got LSD on deck
[Verse 1: Yung Bruh]
I’m sippin’ my drank, twistin’ the dank
Rap game dark and I’m grippin’ the flame
f**k the mainstream, all you niggas is slaves
Faggot ass raps, man, you niggas is gay
Allergic to the sun so I live in the shade
Vampire b**ch and she givin’ me brain
Drop LSD and I’m trippin’ for days
I don’t give a f**k about b**ches and fame
f**k true religion, man, that sh*t is so lame
Thrift shop shawty and I’m sniffin’ cocaine
I don’t give a f**k, ho, remember my name
Asaku Fox, b**ch, put this rip to his face
[Verse 2: Yung Sak]
Getting this dough ’cause you know I’m a pro
The green demon feenin’ is looking for dro
Empty his pockets and dig him a hole
Don’t think that I can die, I have no soul
Live life like a bum ’cause I got no role
Will take your money ’cause I’m in control
Talk about robbing, you really ain’t sh*t
Get me some drugs and I’ll feed ’em to kids
I’m that grumpy old troll who lives under a bridge
Keepin’ it fresh, got the shrooms in the fridge
A faded reality, f**ked up mentality
This is the way that they want me to live
[Verse 3: Xedn]
I ain’t no kid, I don’t know why
Told me sh*t and I know I will never die
I am a samurai, two kunais in my f**king side
Two katanas by my b**ch
Tell me sh*t, I don’t give a f**k
To me you don’t exist, b**ch
And I’ll eat you just for lunch
b**ch ass ho on a brunch
b**ch ass ho without time

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