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Lillian Axe - The day i met you lyrics

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The day i met you by Lillian Axe

Do you remember when our lives were so complete?
Long, cold Decembers, so bittersweet.
But if I could set aside one day,
That I could hold forever
I would save the day that I met you.
Is it still magic although we've grown worlds apart?
It seems so tragic, so frail the heart.
But if I was blessed with just one wish
To take me through my lonely life
I'd wish to go back to the day I met you
And when you feel you're on your own
Well just believe you're not alone
And you'll feel the warmth
That we shared years ago
Don't be blue
One painful morning, I stared straight into the sun
It overwhelmed me, I can undone
So if you can find it in your heart
To be forgiving to a broken man,
We'll go back to the day that I met you

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