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Music Video

Roll wit me Lyrics

by Lil Irocc Williams


Roll wit me Song Lyrics

Roll wit me by Lil Irocc Williams

[Chorus 2x]
Do you wanna roll wit me?
cuz i'm a live for God like i'm supposed to be
i'm headed for my destiney
and ain't nothing in this world that's going to stop me

[Verse 1]
Alarm clock ringing wakes me out of my sleep
halitosis gotta brush my teeth
in the shower so i wash my feet
thank God for my family now it's time to eat
i'm crushin three bowls of cereal
my brother lookin like what the dilly yo
you're eatin to fast you need to take it slow
but before i know i look at the clock it's time to go
so i run down to the bus stop aw man i done scuffed my Reeboks
you know the ones with black and grey chops
next time i'm gonna get some high tops
but anyway i've seen these two guys
they're always in trouble and they're always telling lies
wanna hang out with me for a disguise
surprise i wish you could've seen their eyes when i said...

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 2]
I get to school it's the first class of the day
everything is going okay
it's a nice and sunshiney day until i look up and here somebody say
yo ROCC you wanna skip school play hookey live in the fast lane
steel some candy and make the getaway
and play games until the end of the day
i said man i don't think so you must be kiddin me
don't you know i've got God livin in me
holdin it down for the world to see and got kids lookin up to me
and i look all around and there's a crowd everything is starting to get loud
i guess the word must've spread cuz everybody
they start nodding their head when i said...

[Chorus 4x]

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