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Lunchtime Lyrics

by Lil Irocc Williams


Lunchtime Song Lyrics

Lunchtime by Lil Irocc Williams

Lil iROCC is takin over (lunch, lunch)
If you feelin this just (jump, jump)
Turn the cafeteria to center stage
Ya'll ready boy it's about to blaze
[Verse 1]
Yo it's just after 4th bell
Kinda hungry
Naw i'm starvin
ROCC got the munchies
I want Doritos
I want Tostitos
Where the Cheetos
Bust out the Fritos
You i been waiting for this all day
To grab the mic and say what i gotta say
Change the game come to represent the right way
In the lunchroom ya'll better make room
Hold up a minute gotta check my lunch box
Hope i got something to drink
Cuz i'm gon make it hot
Aw yeah i'm straight ain't no need to wait
Slide across the lunchroom like i'm on roller skates
Somebody turn this mic on so i can rock this
Yo i'm rollin with God you can't stop this
I can't help it when i start to hear a beat drop
Or hear a record stop
Shout it out from the roof top
[Verse 2]
Hey yo i'm takin over the P.A.
From the cafeteria to the hallway
From the 1st bell to the 8th bell
That's all day
From the gym to the playground
Everday run it like a relay
Still i gotta be me
Nothing less cuz i represent the Lord see
That's how i live when at home or on the T.V.
I keep it real see grab the microphone
And make you wonder like Stevie
Yo somebody pass me another yoohoo
So i can break it down and show you how the Lord do
Everything i stand for yo it's all true
Cuz God will come and blow the mind of your whole crew
[Verse 3]
Yo throw yo hands up real high
Yeah way up to the sky
Yo i'm in the microphone area takin over
I'm rockin the cafeteria

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