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Lil' Cease - Everything (Feat. 112) lyrics

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Everything (Feat. 112) by Lil' Cease

Featuring 112
[Lil' Cease]
What up B.I.G. what's the deal?
I hope you aight
I'm just, doin' my thing living day to day life
Yo you taught me the game, now we play alike
You taught me how to aim, when we bust gunz we spray alike
A lot of shit going on, Mafia holding on
My heart is from the start so I keep your name strong
Sittin here sippin' Hen, don't know where to begin
My album done now we're finishing Kim's
I'm tryin to get it right
Get my life back, on the right track
Walkin in street dressed in black, matchin my gat
I see my death coming, it's no turning back
Long as I see you again, that'll be that
Yo momz told me Slow down Cease, chill and relax
Get On your knees and Pray to you, you'll soon talk back
There, speakin of yo momz, thru her frustrations
And dedication, we helped her formed up the Foundation
Thank B.I.G.
[112] {Chorus}
Day dreaming, wishing you were here with me
(Wishing you were here with me)
Said it, I'm day dreaming (ohhh)
Just to have you here with me
We're missing you, (B.I.G)
[Lil' Cease]
Yo I remeber far back as the game goes
>From the first bank rollz to the Cool Jeanz and Kango's
Breezing on the yacht, Dp's on the rock
Think of all the fly V's we used to swap
We took it up a notch
And everything that was hot, for $5,000 we copped
Little Cease, I'd a cop, rock, all types of a satch
50 G's on the watch, me and you up in the Spot
MtV was in shock, and I don't see why not
Man, we used to rock all the BET spots
Turned clubs into stadiums
And I remeber when you and Rock got knocked in the Paladium
And when we rock we do it all for you
And uh, don't gotta w

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