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Life Of Agony - Weeds lyrics

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Weeds by Life Of Agony

This cancer is killing me
as much as it is killing you.
If it takes you away from me,
I don't know what I would do.
Just try for some peace of mind
but it's so hard to find.
It's so hard to just sit and wait
and wait some more
staring at the door.
Skim through the magazines.
Pretend like everything's gonna be allright,
although you know it won't be.
It's hard to be the one who's strong,
who's always got a shoulder to cry on.
Who's got a shoulder for me?
When I'm about to breakdown you're never around.
But maybe it's better that way.
You've got enough to worry about.
You've got your hands full, don't you?
Don't you see this cancer is killing me
like it's killing you?
And all I really want to know if she's gonna be allright,
'cause she's been in there a long, long time
and I've been out there losing my mind.
You're scared, you're frightened,
you're so afraid of what he may say.
But you try and be brave for me sitting impatiently
in the lobby of emergency.
You burst on through that door with this look on your face, I've,
I've never seen before.
You explode into endless tears,
whisper in my ear, Baby, Baby: "I've only got one more year."

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