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Lethal B Diss Wiley

by Lethal Bizzle


Lethal B Diss Wiley Song Lyrics

Lethal B Diss Wiley by Lethal Bizzle

It's lethal a bizzle
Biggest boy on the flows
And I got dam nigga tryin a copy my flows
And I got dam nigga tryin a copy my clothes
And I got dam nigga tryin a b like me (like me)
Ok rite now you'll see
Hears a chair I'm guna show you how you do it properly
A nigga wanab jay z
Ok I'm guna back you out like jay z
Yo listen up yo
Suck my mum ok I got phase
But why say that when you're mums got aids
See there she's cumin to her vary last days
See her walkin down the road
Bald patches in her braids in (her braids)
No biggy jus one of those days (those days)
Leathal b ya feel waist haze (waist haze)
I'm the one who wears all the oneaways (oneaways)
It's the clause of the biggs you pase
Yo every single verse is a one line fell
Woolly kat your losin it I fink it's time to let it go
No more ideas so you wana take my flow
No more ideas put your album on the radio
Yo this is my flow and I mastered the flow
Everybody no le for tha g for the flow
Everybody no I'm the big man on the road rite now
Sco boos wife in the hole but
Wooly kat ma chase knifes in your mouth
Tell ure girl I'm ready when she wants to cumin down south
This time guna go back to her house
This time guna bust worse in her mouth
This time guna an I mite give her sum go
This time guna get a Bombay roll
OK rite now get a Bombay roll
Then I took off her top like were ya tits go
Wat you doin ya girls got no breast man
Wat you doin sort out the little a cup
Wat you doin no bum don't even serve no little screwin
Face fuckt up like mike blaw Wat you doin
Woolly kat Wat you doin
R kelly Wat you doin
Mighty mo Wat you doin
Garry glitta Wat you doin
Tiger Wat you doin
Gun man Wat you doin
So get it Wat you doin Wat you doin
And no don't wana take dis to the road
Cause wen you see me blud your off on your toes
Pup pup run run every body knowz
Tiger no I will tiger your nose
But let me know wen you wana take it to the road
And I know that ne time I see you on the road
And I know ne time I

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