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Rodents Among Us

Lehavoth Lyrics


Rodents Among Us Lyrics

Rodents Among Us by Lehavoth

What ever tomorrow will bring
The heat will still plunge under the skin
And cover the (body)...

Scream out your lungs
Still your voice unheard

To be called human
Will be an honor for you
For your culture had lead you
To a place down bellow

To sink to the lowest
Of bottoms...

Time after time
We had tried
To give you the acknowledgment
You think you deserve
So rightfully

Guardians of morals in flesh
Watch your back
And help you sustain your pitiful stand
Too blind and too far for them to see
Your true nature
Time after you had proven me wrong
All my efforts for nothing
Though you walk like us
And look like us
You are not a part of this clan
Cause every aspect of your rotting culture
Marks a point so low

Cause every aspect of culture makes me sick
Cause every time you rape your sisters and daughters
And call that heritage
I win

Cause every time you try to deep
Your hands in my blood and call that a proper legacy
You make my truth glow in the shroud of darkness
Which is upon us now

Cause every act of such nature just makes me stronger

And they can call me a fascist
But I am not

And they can call me a liar
But their tongue is filth

Cause my tongue speaks the truth
And my mind tell you what is seen not so far ahead
And my mind calls reality as it is
And reality says
You are next in line

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