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Lehavoth - Ghost Nation lyrics

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Ghost Nation by Lehavoth

The world is calmingly collapsing
And seizures of panic burn me
I'm paralyzed with amazement
Life has no color
Nor scent
Without taste or warmth
It's vivid yet gray
I have sunk to the bottom
Colored reality
That lasts for a night
Pulling you through another day
Fills your soul
With false excitement
It doesn't get any better this
Nor worse
A glimpse to the past
Can release a fair share of treasures
What i've considered to be bliss
It will all end up in betrayal
But you won't feel it
Sweet words to soften your pride
A smile to smite you down
And a knife in the back
To finish it up
Oh the bliss
Upon you in your sleep
A poor
Pathetic lie
And your world is calmingly collapsing
And everything is gray
And everybody...
All are gray...
Flowing with the mass
To the sewers of life
The maze of life
The sewers of life...
Don't beg the skies
Answers will not come from above
Shatter your icons
Burn them to dust
Bury those dead
Common feelings are thrown aside
Common goals are but a dream
Now i'm the center of the universe
No feelings nor love can stand in my ways
I have burnt the last bridge
Which attaches me to them
I have said the last goodbyes
I've buried most of my deeds
I am who I am
I am what I am
I am no god
I am no daemon
I am worse
Now bow down and take your place
Let the orgy begin

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