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Legitimate Business - S.O.S. lyrics

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S.O.S. by Legitimate Business

Wake up early.
Keep your head down.
Shuffle to the market.
Breathe in every breath through a stainless steel vent.
Slouching forward toward perfection.
Regression. Aggression.
Clap if you're feeling spent.
Buy malignancy.
Buy complacency.
Buy mediocrity.
Buy, buy, buy, buy atrocity.
One million unheard voices.
And countless hungry minds.
It's getting harder all the time.
Where is there hope in despair,
Ignorance and greedy eyes?
This are my words.
This is my fight.
Apocalyptically prophetic.
Join the cult of worshiping the beautifully pathetic.
Keep up the break-neck,
Break neck pace of life.
My autonomy.
My morality.
My reality.
My dreams are what I choose they'll be
Embrace it forever.
The strength of together.
Through light and eclipse and eternity.
The answer to questions.
The goal and the lesson.
Me and you, loving and free.
A spectrum of insight.
Unending and finite.
Immaculate ocean.
Wash my fears away.
Through infinite seasons.
Can you feel the reason?
Land and sky.
Night and day.

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