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The Next 23 Years Lyrics

Legion Of The Damned


The Next 23 Years Song Lyrics

The Next 23 Years by Legion Of The Damned

Friends I thought were so amazing
Don't seem so important anymore.
All the bottles and ashtrays
Are just a vague, vague memory.

The nights that I spent hoping
That I'd stay asleep.
Was that just somebody?
Someone who looked like me?

Lift your glasses with me.
Lift your voices with me.

Stay with me until the sun rises over the ocean.
Sing with me until your voices crack from the emotion.
Since we bled together,
I'm not so fucked up anymore.
I'm starting to remember
That there's so much worth fighting for.

Have I started too late?
Am I gonna make it through?
I wake up some nights shaking.
Saying "What the hell have I done this time?"

The longing I've been feeling
Forgetting all the pain from yesterday.
I'm struggling to remember
There are good, good things ahead for me.

Sixteen I was lying in bed
It's 2 AM
I was wishing all my friends were dead
No Mom, I'm not drunk
I was begging to just hold on
Thanks for listening all the time
But this could be enough
When I was broken

Sobbing drunk screaming for this to end
It's September
Attending funerals of brothers and friends
Dad let's go back to San Antonio
I thought I was going insane
I wanted to tell you
But this could be enough
I think I'm really better this time

Survived a tour in the burning heat
Little sister
Drinking 40's in the city's streets
Thank god we could be friends at last
Can we do it all again?
Through all the bullshit of the past
Cause this could be enough.
We're strong as ever

And I still make mistakes in my life
Tara darling
It's okay if we make them side by side
Thanks for keeping me from growing old too fast
Now I really believe that
I really believe that
This could be enough.

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