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To Hell Or To Heaven Lyrics



To Hell Or To Heaven Song Lyrics

To Hell Or To Heaven by Legend

Warriors aproaching
They are nearing, ready for war.
Steadily marching as they're singing songs of glory.
The Moors and Christians, they are clashing, figthing, stashing,
Just to reach other in a bloody war.

Heaven has been long forgotten
Listen to me,
The avengin angel will torment all of your bloody crimes
Now it's too late for you to return

A violent storm is breiving (whitin me) the devil inside
(showing me the darkest side) I have another choice to see the light.
I don't want to torture even tough my blood is burning.
My soul is ponders it's choice, to hell or to heaven.

From the western skies comes the ones that kill whitout remorse,
And in the fields the flowers are dying.
We beg for mercy and we pray to see another day white,
In the cold our voices are criyng.

Hell has long been forgotten,
Listen to me.
The demon of the loneliness is coming back.
One day he'll possess every one
[Chours same except "my soul will know it's choice"]

The lords of darkness one day will unite the forces of the devil.
Humanity will force us all to decide ( between lies and truth ).
Hell is blue and bloody, fires forever burning.
The flames will raise to mask serenity. (love and peace)

There are so many faces.
Most whitout sin, fire within,
Desperate souls filled with bloody pain.
There are so many victims.
With silent cries
Believing lies of a false god forever they are slaved!

Demons attack,
The angels strike back the holy stone lies idle,
Blody winged like corpses,
Evil ash are fallen.
The castles are burning down,
They lost the crown and one day the wil know
The horror of this horrendous battle.

Earth has been long forgotten.
Save yourself.
Humanity has fallen into vanity.
Fighting for the power that we yearn.

[Chours same except "my soul now know it's choice"]

I'm on to hell or to heaven.
To hell or to heaven!

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