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Left Unsaid Lyrics

by Left Unsaid


Left Unsaid Song Lyrics

Left Unsaid by Left Unsaid

I can't wait to tell the truth
All these secrets kept from you
And everything that I would do to hide what I thought
What I thought was wrong
All along the way
Something I can say with a smile
Would it make a difference to you?
I can't understand why it's happening to me again
Why'd it happen to me again, oh why?
I can't understand why you said that you'd be afraid
What did you have to be afraid of?
I saw you sitting on the couch
And I looked away
What was I supposed to say to you?
Everything happens for a reason
Why can't it seem to go right?
Maybe things seems far away since time
Get it through your head,
I said, it's better not the same
I think it's for the best to say goodbye

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