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Lee Greenwood - I Still Believe lyrics

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I Still Believe by Lee Greenwood

Sometimes it's easy & sometimes it's not 
Sometimes I can't think of one thing we've got 
In common to keep us from falling apart 
To keep holdin' on with hope in our hearts 
Sometimes it's heaven & sometimes it's hell 
Sometimes it seems we would be just as well 
Off on our own knowin' somebody else 
Then I think about all we've been through 
There have been so many nights that you saved me 
There have been so many mornings you gave me 
The courage to get up & get out of bed 
To face the world one more day 
There have been so many trials we've conquered together 
& so many miles of rough roads we've weathered 
& I swear forever that I'll never leave 
'Cause lady, I still believe 
You bring out my best, you can bring out my worst 
You feed every hunger, then leave me burning with thirst 
& at the moment that I know that I'll surely die 
Your love is my fountain of life 
Oh lady, I still believe

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