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Arms Of Dream

by Laurie Freelove


Arms Of Dream Song Text

Arms Of Dream by Laurie Freelove

Laurie Freelove)
Guard my soul if you can feel it
And hold me close while I'm still breathing
Don't hide away
Gaze upon the stars at midnight
The moonbeams shine is mine and no ones
To hide away
Hide, hide away
Powered on by a lonely night
And the only gods I can see
War raging upon this world
In the moon and stars within me
I feel them calling me
But I cannot go
I want to stay awake
In the arms of my dreams
If all alone
Then all alone
Bared to me this frail life's sorrow
Well I've had mine and none was borrowed
You'll never know
Scaling walls of stone and lumber
Above the yields of life's true wonders
I watched you climb and
Hide, hide away
Powered on by a lonely pulse
But the only beat you can feel
A broken heart in your armoured chest
Pounding down it's enemies' heels
I've felt you stalking me
But I would not turn
I'll stand you to the death
With the arms of my own
Mind and soul
Mind and soul
Songs of love your lips have swallowed
With heavy tears that knew no pardons
Love fell away
Left to fend your verses honor
With poets pen to tend no other
Takes will from jade
Will, will from jade
Powered on by the lonely wounds of your
Childhood insanity
Caution steels you against the ghost
Of it's aging memories
I've felt them haunting me
But where could they go
If I walk away with dreams
In the arms of my own
Stronger hold
Stronger hold

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