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A little happier

by Late Night Show, The


A little happier Song Text

A little happier by Late Night Show, The

You know the world is sick
When nobody one gives a sh*t
About a man and his family
So they cut off his head and put it on TV.
You know it makes me sick
Whenever I think of it.
And all I really want to know
Is why people can’t leave each other alone.

And why people can’t be
A little happier with themselves.

With themselves.

I’ve got a knife if my heart
That manifested in my brain.
Its blade is forged from what I’ve learned,
Memories and pain.
The artists that painted in my life
Were as ugly as what they drew.
But it makes me happy I’ve got them
‘Cause at least I don’t have you.
And I’m even sicker now
Than I ever was before
Because the country that I live in
Finds its peace in times of war.

Times of war.

Why can’t people be
A little happier with themselves?

I know I’ve got no right to say
‘Cause I was born just yesterday
But generations of before
Don't want to see another stupid war.

Stupid war.

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