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Hindsight Lyrics

Last November


Hindsight Song Lyrics

Hindsight by Last November

The ashes falling from the sky,
Looks like snow, makes me want to cry.
Traveling in my car surrounded by steal,
A rainy autumn night controls my steering wheel.

The asphalt burns to touch, the glass is sharp with
The distant lights of civilization, sirens drawing
If I could breath, I would breath me into you,
But my lungs are filled there's nothing I can do.
I'll just sit idly by and watch you slip away,
While I realize the life I lost today.

Ch: You know what they say,
Hindsight's twenty/twenty anyway.
You know what they say,
Hindsight's twenty/twenty any...
Looking back I wish I had done,
All the things that you thought were fun.

Oh no I have become one of the walking dead,
I guess it's all because I didn't say the things I
Should have said
To you and now we're through and now I'm not so tough.

Because I died that night in that car crash called

Ch: repeat

Bridge: Why'd we have to take that road that day?
Now it's over, underground we're safe.

Ch: Repeat

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