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Music Video

For My People Lyrics

by Large Professor


For My People Song Lyrics

For My People by Large Professor

[Large Professor]
Some people said it couldn't happen it couldn't be done
Settin up campaigns to diss from day one
But now I've arisen the coast is clear
So I had to hit you off your host is here
Standin at 5' 7" grown to be large
Its not about the height it's the power of the charge
You get when you listen to this lyricist slash beat maker
Even though I had to take a long time it was worth it
Cause now it's just perfect
I feel like new givin up thanks to you
The ones that gave me support when I was caught
In this wack record industry trapped
You take a short if ya wanna
That's why I packed up and went on a
Vacation in the ghetto hangin out on the corner
The place I know where the..can't go
Where we party hard for the dough
Or get the dough so we can party hard
I like to flow no need for bodyguards
So when you see me I'm peace and love
Cause you helped this brother increase above and

It's for my people
The LP
It's for my people
The LP

[Large Professor]
It's right on time with the dirt and the grime
The LP and it's certain to climb
Up all the charts on all the pop tarts
They call themselves keepin it real
But got hearts made of plastic
Man I gets busy on the dizzy
I rock your whole show and have you askin "Boy is he
The midnight maurader or what" cause on the cut
I remain and I'm representing Queens maintain
Lots of knowledge cause this world is my college
Where I teach and preach your whole contract jack
Go with Large Pro and only get fact non-fiction
Relaying with mad prop addiction
With a twisted rhyme it's that time
For me to not need prolong any more
Once again to my friends the name of this song is


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