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La Plebe - Reject/refuse lyrics

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Reject/refuse by La Plebe

All these politicians of all colors and all size
Who take away our rights to
Fight a war and watch us die
These phone taps f**kin p**s me off
Our taxes go to war
Murders, lies, weapons, cries
Can't take it anymore
You lose
Who really has the power now?
They tell us to relax
Just as we are told to live
We're never fighting back
The time has come for us claim
The rights they took away
Reject, refuse government and so we say
Lets go plebe!
Se alimentan con mi pinche sangre
Se emborrachan con mi sufrimiento
No les importa lo que estoy sintiendo
Políticos nos están vendiendo
Políticos se están ríendo
Who really has the power now?
Just f**kin do what your told
And never break the mold
Reject and refuse this brainwashed society
Lets lock up all the leaders
And throw away the key
Todas las noches dime lo que voy a ser
Dime lo todo yo lo puedo entender
Son esas cosas que yo tengo que escuchar
Dime lo todo lo voy a rechazar
Reject! Refuse! The fascist radio station
Reject! Refuse! The conditioned population
Reject! Refuse!
Reject! Refuse!

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