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Landon Hughes - Change lyrics

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Change by Landon Hughes

Trust me I heard it all
Words incensere they said we could do anything
And face all our fears
If they're not gone there is no staying alive
With this carriage of broken dreams
They're gonna leave us behind
Who will stand up who won't back down?
Who will turn the fate of world around?
They've left us with nothing but fear in sight we'll be the ones to make it right.
But when it's our turn well mend what's been broken And fix it somehow
We'll teach our children to care for one another so They can grow and help each other
Who will stand up?
Who will end the fight?
Now there is nothing left but hope in sight we'll Be the ones who made it right
Responsibility is ours now
Their wars keep on going
If we don't make a change
Their lies will keep on growing.

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