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Landau James Ef - The Last Name Song lyrics

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The Last Name Song by Landau James Ef

Some more hyphens with Johnson and Green;
Palmer and Hook, and then Matterson, Cooke,
And Pierce, and then Winters and Dean;
Some more of my family is Drinkwater, Wheatland, then Waters, Fields,
Hopkins and Banks;
There's Studham and Stidham, then add a whole cache
Of more hyphens for Benson and Hawkins and Nash,
Wells-Wheeler and Richmond, then add one more dash --
Make some more room for "Turne" now. Thanks!
Garcia, and Ruiz and Ruz;
Calderon and Paz, Barraza-Diaz,
Saenz and Alvarez, Cruz;
Gomez and Suarez and Lopez and Juarez, Zamora, Andrade, Ortegas;
Villanueva, Ojeda and Prado and Sias,
Hinojosa-Bermudez and Vegas!
Bailly, LeClair and Perot;
And let's not forget Lafayette and Vallette
And Peugeot, Baudelaire, Beliveau!
Laroche-Vaux-Giroux-Beauchamp-LaCasse-Ledoux, and Dupont and Dupris
and DuBose
And after I've recited Bruchon and D'Alain,
And then Brun and LeJean and Caron and Jourdain,
Beaudoin and Mallein and Cézanne, Guillotin,
I can balance this pen on my nose!
Moretta and Izzo and, yes, even Zizzo,
Poletta-Guidotti-Puccini-Barsotti, my list is still far from
'Cause there's still Lo Bianco, Lombardo, Rossetti,
Quilici, Costanza, Buono, Allegretti
Of course Malucelli and then Cappelletti
Now, how would you like some to eat?
Rothschild, Shapiro and Steinberg;
Blumenthal, Isaacs and Feinberg;
Rosenberg, Rosenthal, Goldman, and Stahl, Roth and Rothau-Steinau-
There's Silver and Diamant, speaking of which,
Then add Goldberg and Silverstein --
Boy, is he rich!
Hohenstein, Feldman, Landau<
Names as long as this ought
To be against the law!
Gordon, Andrews, and what else is there?
Ezra-Bazzar, and Ali and Zavvar
Rafsanjani, Tufayl, Ibrahim;
And I'm proud to concede that there's also Said,
Karampour-Hussein and Rahim.
I can trace a whole streak of some names like Meliq and Saleh on my
family tree;
Besides that: Rezaie-Abdul, and there's Khomeini,
Soleimani-Karami; and Hamzeh-Momeni,
By some choice of karma, the surname of Sharma
Was assigned to a small select few;
And Vasu-Devan, Sankar, Sanakran and Shankar,
And Yadav, Raman and Babu!
Chandrasekharan-Sen-Gandhi-Prabaker, then there are Chandra and Singh
and Iyer;
Ramaswami, and then Ramakrishna and Bhatt;
Patel, Srinivasan, I also have got
The names Bhattacharyya, Sandhu, Venkat,
Sankarasubramanian in there.
Toyota-Fukuchi, and then Yamaguchi;
Suzuki and then Kawasaki!
The next names -- Nakanishi, and Ito and Kishi,
Also hail from the land of Japan,
But I still have to list Honda and Minamoto;
Watanabe, Uyeno, of course Miyamoto,
Yamamoto-Akaishi and then Yoshimoto!
Shimamura . . . but do call us "san"!
Myyra, Ritola, Nevala;
There are Nurmi, Partanen, and Kangas, Mustanen; Saari-Aaltonen-
When they hear the name "Larva" then everyone grins,
But that grub's just the place where the fun all begins,
'Cause we've still got Hasu, not to mention the Finns
Named Suvio, Iso or Nisonen!
With the S and the Z, we go to Hungary,
With Szabo and Szilard and Szasz,
Szekely and Csak, and I won't even talk
About Eg - er - sze - gi, oh my gosh!
Torok and Miszei, Nagy, too, and Gyenge, Berkes and Harangi and Kun,
Kocsis, Karoly, Wladar; and, yes,
With the help of the consonant diphthong C-S,
Csupo and Csider, and then Enekes;
I ought to be done with this soon.
There's this small part with Vang, and a few who're named Yang
Then Xiong; most just go by those three;
But it wouldn't be fair to leave out Her,
As that's also in my family.
There's Thor and Vue, and then next write Kue,
And Shur, Xong, and Lo, and Saykao;
Then there are Lor and Hang, and then Ly and Cha;
My great-great-great-grandmother gives us, as well, Pha;
Moua and Thao, one more hyphen, then Na;
It's a long name, but don't have a cow!
There are Sangco and Songco,
Atengco, Tiongco;
Toliongco and Tangco; Siangco;
Tiogongco, Unpingco,
Chahuangco, Tydingco,
Luchangco, Cohuangco, Tiangco!
And Tengco,
There's Ravuvu, and Vailahi,
Leialoha, and Keahi;
Bambara-Tutu-Opango, and Banda.
There's a slight chance there may be a few that I missed,
But I'm pretty sure that I am done with my list,
And you look like you're getting a cramp in your wrist!
So let's end it up with Teritaau.
Yes, let's end it up with Teritaau!

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