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Hades Unleashed Lyrics

by Lair Of The Minotaur


Hades Unleashed Song Lyrics

Hades Unleashed by Lair Of The Minotaur

This is the end of days,
That I can wait,
Four hundred years I've spent,
In my domain,
The god of funeral rights,
The king of death,
Now I discharge my horde,
For punishment


KREON, dishonored warriors,
DENIED, them proper burieals,
UNCHAIN, the beasts upon his land,
A PLAGUE, preparing to attack!
The army of the seven against Thebes,
Corpses defiled in public for all to see,
The oracle of Gortyne fortold the storm,
A sacrifice to please the underworld!

The offering stands,
Two daughters of Orion,
Servant maidens,
Thrust the sword inside her,
Open their throats,
And let the blood spill forth,
Bow to your knees,
And gut them for your lord!



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