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Laika - Death March Of The Conquerors lyrics

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Death March Of The Conquerors by Laika

Arise, warriors from the West
The battle has led us here to Kadmean's soil.
You are lions with war in your eyes
Listen to the rattle of our chariot's ride.
Iron-hearted, thirsty for revenge
Swear your blood oath before me
If you hear wounded wailing, have no remorse
For this is my life source: human pity
We've fought tougher battles than this
These fucking cunts fight like women
Now is the time for murder
Now is the time to hate
Now is not in the hands of fate
Now you can avenge your father
Now you can avenge your God
Now you can avenge your brothers lying dead
And now
Almighty Zeus defeat thine enemies
Exterminate this breed of misery
By Mars, By Enyo - who delight in pain
Will sack the town and smear their life away
Ablaze with stars
The moon shines on his steel
Raving so on the battlefield
Warhorse biting down on the bit
Trumpet cry awaits in eagerness
As woman and man fall without defense
Storming on polluting reverence

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