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Nuclear Medicinemen Lyrics

by La Coka Nostra


Nuclear Medicinemen Song Lyrics

Nuclear Medicinemen by La Coka Nostra

There's a war going on inside no one is safe from
You can never run, hide, or escape from
The nature of beast with papers laced with deceit
I watch the wolves lead the wolf's leash in a nation of sheep
What the f**k you think they want? Is it hatred or peace?
Who designed the bombs or terrorists that made the disease?
They made you believe there's no one really crazy as me
As if I am the polluter who made it too hazy to see
Open up your eyes it's horrifying, it lays in your sleep
You eat the bullsh*t seven days of the week
If you could look past your block you would be raising your piece
At the police, instead the beef just stays in the streets
And the government still controls the ways we can speak
The apple don't fall far from the atheist tree
We should cry for the children who breathe
They going to bleed, there's a big difference in what we believe
I can't breathe

It's a spectacular terrorist event
Nuclear medicinemen smacking Dog with the six-finger Devil's hand
Blood Money's the only money there really is
Whether you bang on the block or boardroom for billions

It's such a hard grind trying to stay divine
The problem with the Devil is the b**ch is so damn fine
Spare me your problems, I'm handling mine
I drink whiskey, smoke kush, I don't eat swine
I travel through time, shifting forms
I wear a crown of thorns full of rage and scorn
The whole fabric of the uni gets torn
But Pharaoh wants blood from the first-born
You can't stop the coming of the here that's after
The suffering and pain underneath the laughter
And tell me who's gaining from the pain and sorrow
If It's up to me, revolution starts tomorrow
Run, get your gun, shoot George and his sons
We're taking fortunes from all the fortunate ones
Straight Robin Hood screaming 'f**k the law!'
And they planned 9/11, f**k what you saw

Yeah, this is the beginning of theocratic civil war
Carving out the country's stomach to eat the liver raw
The world is changing, atmosphere rearranging
Religion corrupted the image that we were made in
America's beauty is skin deep, I'm sorry to say
Like the portrait of Dorian Gray
You pray to God because of Pascal's wager
Not for the savior, and not to correct your behavior
Saw you screaming the words when he said the
But I don't really think none of ya'll are ready for it
No food and blackouts of every street light
Revolution will make Fallujah look like a street fight
No blood for oils, what you scream at the slaughter
But how about blood for air and blood for water?
It's sorta the starter, of what the ruckus is
Immortal Tech, Ill Bill
Tell them what the f**k it is!

The newscaster casts a disaster for television ratings
Like? a passport to hell to visit Satan
The government officials twist into a coil and spit venom
Brainwashing their children to get oil and get?
They got sleeper cells selling me Dutches in BK
They'll infiltrate the infrastructure and f**k us on D-Day
Get the mandatory beef bar code stamped across your wrist
The plot twists till mankind no longer exists
McDonald's, Marlboro, NASDAQ, Exon, and Ford
Verizon, Clear Channel facing Armageddons abroad
The severed heads of the dragon, the whore of Babylon
The Statue of Liberty, there's much more to examine on
The President's nothing but a figurehead
While the fallen angel gathers an army of the living dead
Your life's doomed to tornadoes, typhoons, and volcanoes
Consume the whole fable and soon will prove fatal

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