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Krs-One & Greenie - T'Cha Student Intro lyrics

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T'Cha Student Intro by Krs-One & Greenie

KRS-ONE: Welcome to the Temple, class is in session. Me, I'm the teacher---asking all questions. Question 1 - What am I being?
GREENIE: Y-Y-Y-Y-You a rapper!
KRS-ONE: Wrong! I'm emceeing...
GREENIE: What's the difference?
KRS-ONE: Well, it's the unity; The rapper is corporate, the emcee is community.
GREENIE: Community rap?
KRS-ONE: It's something like that... for emceein'... but the question was...
'What am I being?"
GREENIE: What are you being?
KRS-ONE: Can anyone answer this? What are you seeing? Can anyone answer Kris?
GREENIE: When you say "What are you being?-- Does that mean you're BEING your emceeing?"
KRS-ONE: Yes! But what I'm being is hip-hop... THAT'S what's really gettin' respect on your block...
GREENIE: Hip-Hop! ?
KRS-ONE: That's right-- Hip-Hop... Last of the human skills...
GREENIE: Ahhhh... Hip-Hop...
KRS-ONE: Let's go further... with this pre-meditated worder... Kris Parker, the teacher-- I know you hearda... All the sciences, makin' instruments out of appliances, showin' you what self-reliance is...
GREENIE:... but whose rhyme this is? Why's whack emcees in our face like sinuses? You positive like plus, Kris, and they minuses-- Ideas are going through my mind like a Catscan... I'm not a white emcee who pretends to be a Black man... I was writing rhymes when they invented Pac-Man... now my rhyme'z is tight like that suit on Batman... You kept it real, Kris, you came out as a rosta; I'm comin' out controversial... talkin' 'bout Schvartze... Rappers are whack today... but I don't need to dis' one... My rhyme style is THIS one...

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